“The Execution of a project has a major impact on the final product”


 We create & develop original stories and ideas and turn them into polished screenplays. We understand how to write for the screen. We help our clients with various story elements, such as structure, plot points, character motivations, as well as dialogue. Completed screenplays afford our clients the opportunity to obtain financing and move into the pre-production phase


In this phase, every step of actually creating your project is carefully designed and planned. A production office is established and a budget is created to plan the films expenses. Insurance is procured. A crew is hired by the producers to fulfill all necessary positions. (link to Film Crew Positions)


This is where we create and shoot your project. The Director works with all departments and talent to ensure that each person understands their roles and duties. Everyone’s goal is to capture the Director’s vision for the scene using the most current cinematic techniques and technology. While the crew prepares the set, the actors are transformed into character. The Director will then conduct script rehearsals with the actors, camera department and sound engineer to work out a blocking strategy. The Director will then capture all live elements until the script has been shot and all media is “In the Can.”


In post-production, the media captured is assembled by video and sound editors. Visual effects and motion graphics are used to enhance the picture. Music compositions and sound effects are added to the sound mix. Once this phase is complete, a final cut will be produced and the media is then ready for Distribution.


In this phase, the media is released to cinemas, broadcast,  film festivals, or direct to consumers. In today’s market, direct to consumer has many meanings; some meanings are on demand, internet streaming services, and Blu-ray. Promotional campaigns are launched to promote the project. In today’s market, common promotions include media interviews, press kits, posters, social media, and a behind the scenes or making of expose.