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We Specialize in High Definition Video Production & Editing


Professional Video Production & Editing Services

Lower costs. Better quality. Movies, Documentary, Reality TV, corporate events, YouTube, narrative, advertising, weddings, events, parties and audition videos.
Get ready to shoot your show or movie project with the help of Moga Inc. With our extensive experience and talents, you know your film will be of the highest possible quality.

Video Production

You get the gear and professional operator — one low price — $700 per half day or $1050 per full day. NO HIDDEN COSTS! We can arrange for other crew and rental gear. Below are some common production packages that might suit your needs. Call to arrange custom packages. Half day is defined as 4.5 hours from call until strike. Full day is 9 hours from call until strike. Contact us at (888) 866-1468 now to reserve your time.

Video Production Packages